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Students' Welfare

The office of the Dean of Students Welfare looks after the welfare of the students with active support of the representatives of the students, faculty and administration. Student Community Centre has been added from the year 2010 for various students activities

For the benefit of the needy and deserving students, the University maintains and operates a Fund called the Assam University Studentsí Aid Fund which is instituted out of the contribution from the students of the University and collections from other sources. The main objective of the Fund is to render financial assistance to poor and deserving students for payment of tuition fees, examination fees, purchase of text books, stationery etc. A student requiring financial assistance from the Fund shall have to apply in the prescribed form through the concerned Head of the Department.

There is a Studentsí Council in the University which caters to the studentsí interests and contributes towards the promotion of studentsí extra-curricular activities. The Studentsí Council also organises a week-long social meet every year. During these seven days, the students display their creative talents in the field of sports and other cultural activities.