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It is now nearly two years since I have taken over the charge of Assam University. Over this period I have become increasingly aware of the sentiment and aspirations of the people of the Barak Valley in general and those associated with the university in particular regarding the establishment of the university and its subsequent growth. I am deeply committed to honour these values.

I shall reiterate some of my feelings expressed in my previous communication to you just after I assumed charge.

Amongst the different components in any university system, I have the opinion that students and research scholars are the keys that will ultimately decide the height we would reach. Therefore, I shall not spare any effort to take steps that would fulfil their dreams and aspirations. They are the brand ambassadors of the university, and all others must try to create an atmosphere where they are nourished. I shall try to improve the existing academic infrastructure so that they can achieve their goals.

I would like to see that the teachers excel not only in teaching but also in research. I urge them to obtain as much national and international attention as possible, through sponsored research and collaboration. At the same time, every teacher must create a niche of his/her own. As researchers we have to cater to the needs of the society at large. So, I hope that the researchers will address issues related to societal needs in general, and of the region in particular. Members of the teaching staff with their sincerity in teaching and dedication in research can take the university to amazing heights.

The administrative staff members constitute the other pillar on which the university stands. Nothing can be achieved unless they provide selfless and constructive support to the system. I urge them to adopt a student and facultyfriendly outlook so that we all live in harmony. I am committed to providing a transparent, fair and unbiased administrative system with your help.

Several important events took place last year. We held the XIIIth Annual Convocation, which was graced by our Visitor, Honourable President of India, Chief Rector and Honourable Governor of Assam, Honourable Chief Minister of Assam and our Chancellor. The Visitor inaugurated an exhibition of grassroot innovators and interacted with members of Innovation Club and inspired Teachers. Our former President, Honourable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited us and interacted with our students. Other important dignitaries, who visited us last year, included Honourable Governor of Meghalaya. We held several important national and international seminars attended by eminent guests from India and abroad. We have made big strides in the sector of international co-operation for students, research scholars and young faculty and non-faculty members through an agreement with a consortium of European Universities, which will enable our students/research scholars/young faculty members and staff members to visit different European universities. We have established our campus in Diphu and all the Departments have moved in to the permanent campus. The campus was inaugurated by the Chief Rector and Honourable Governor of Assam. We are trying to fulfil our commitment to the society through our various social and educational outreach activities, and I am happy to note that some of these are designed and executed by students. We have been able to open a few new Departments and we are striving for more. We have been able to fill up some senior statutory posts, and the rest will hopefully be filled up by June this year. We are trying to fill up all vacant teaching and non-teaching posts as early as possible. Despite all our limitations, we are devoting full energy to publish examination results on time, courtesy our faculty colleagues, teachers and staff of affiliated colleges and non-teaching employees of the Examination section. We have taken steps to strengthen and improve our campus recruitment process.

I am aware that many of the requirements/demands of the members of the university system could not be met with. Among other things, limited budgetary allocation in the XIIth Plan period is a distinct inhibiting factor. However, we will not spare any effort towards improving the academic and infrastructural ambience in the university. We are aware that supply of water and electricity to both our campuses are inadequate, but the situation cannot improve overnight.

We are now eagerly awaiting our second-cycle accreditation by NAAC in very near future. Let us all join hands to showcase our progress, which will not only fulfil our goal, but will also establish that we are committed towards honouring the aspirations of the community.

I am truly indebted to the students, research scholars, faculty members and nonteaching staff members of the University and its affiliated colleges for their understanding, co-operation and support over nearly last two years. I look forward to receiving the same in the coming years, and I am aware that I can function only when I am fully supported by all of you. I can confidently assert that the University has a highly motivated, dedicated and competent manpower to march ahead and reach great heights.

I extend my warmest greetings to all belonging to the family of Assam University.

Somnath DasguptaSilchar, 02 April, 2014