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Schools and Departments

Schools and Departments(Silchar Campus)

Name of the Schools Departments under to the School
Rabindranath Tagore School of Languages and Cultural Studies

Dean: Prof. Rama Bhattacharyya


Department of Linguistics
Department of Bengali
Department of Hindi
Department of Manipuri
Department of Sanskrit
Department of Indian Comparative Literature
Department of Urdu
Department of Assamese(Diphu Campus)
Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay School of English and Foreign Languages Studies

Dean:Prof. Dipankar Purkayastha


Department of English
Department of Arabic
Department of French
Mahatma Gandhi School of Economics and Commerce

Dean:Prof. Niranjan Roy


Department of Economics
Department of Commerce
Jadunath Sarkar School of Social Sciences

Dean:Prof. R.R. Dhamala


Department of Political Science
Department of History
Department of Sociology
Department of Social Work
Department of Anthropology(Diphu Campus)
Abanindranath Tagore School of Creative Arts and Communication Studies

Dean:Prof. G. P. Pandey


Department of Mass Communication   
Department of Visual  Arts
Department of Performing Arts
(Coming Up in Silchar Campus)
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School of Philosophy


Dean:Prof. A. Nataraju


Department of Philosophy
Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay School of Education

Dean:Prof. N.B Biswas


Department of Educational Science
Albert Einstein School of Physical Sciences

Dean:Prof. B. S. Purkayastha


Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Department of Statistics
Hargobind Khurana School of Life Sciences

Dean:Prof. Devashish Kar


Department of Life Science & Bioinformatics 
Department of Microbiology
Department of Biotechnology 
Jawarharlal Nehru School of Management Studies

Dean:Prof. Apurbananda Mazumdar


Department of Business Administration
E. P Odum School of Environmental Sciences

Dean:Prof. Abhik Gupta


Department of Ecology & Environmental Science
Triguna Sen School of Technology

Dean:Prof. Sudipta Roy


Department of Agricultural Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering  
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Department of Applied Science & Huminities
(Coming Up in Silchar Campus)
Susruta School of Medical and Paramedical Sciences

Dean:Prof. Sanjib Das


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Aryabhatta School of Earth Sciences

Dean:Prof. Nagendra. Pandey


Department of Earth Sciences  
Swami Vivekananda School of Library Sciences

Dean:Prof. Sumanash Dutta


Department of Library & Information Science
Deshabandhu Chittaranjan School of Legal Studies


Dean:Prof. Subhash Ch. Singh



Department of Law