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Instruments and Facilities

1. 400 MHz FT – NMR Spectrometer (Avance III NANOBAY)

2. Gas Chromatogram & Mass Spectrometer (Clarus 500)

Make: Perkin Elmer

3. High Performance Liquid Chromatogram (Series 200)

Make: Perkin Elmer

4. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer & MHS (AAnalyst 200)

Make: Perkin Elmer

5. Impedance Analyser 

Make: Agilent Technologies

6. FT-IR Spectrometer

Make: Perkin Elmer


Fluorescence Spectrometer (FL45, Perkin Elmer), UV Visible Spectrometer (Lambda 35, Perkin Elmer), RT-PCR (BioRad), Electrophoresis Units with power supply (Merck), Rotary Evaporators (Heidolph, Germany & IKA, Norway), Refrigerated Centrifuge, Electronic Balance, Plant Growth Rack, Biosafety Cabinet, Oven, Incubator, -20 Deep Freezer, Muffle Furnace, Autoclave, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, SODAR (Weather Monitoring System), Radio Frequency (RF) dryer, and other minor equipments.