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Departmental Profile

The Linguistics Department was established in 1995. The Department is emphasizing on the linguistic description of North-Eastern languages in general and the various languages spoken in Barak Valley in particular. This department also encourages the research scholars to undertake research work on various lesser known as well as endangered languages of the North-East India as a lot of minority languages are spoken here.

So far the department has conducted research work on Nagamese, Dimasa, Sylheti dialect of Bengali, Bishnupriya, Rongmai, Liangmai, Koch Rabha, Kokborok, Tiwa, Inpui, Khoibu, various dialects of Bodo, Phonology of English loan words in Assamese, comparative study of fricatives in English, Malayalam and Assamese, Comparative Study of Khasi and Kharia, Comparative Study of Phonology and Morphology of Bodo and Dimasa, Word Formation in Thadou etc.

The ongoing research works include the linguistic description of Uchai, Kharam, Ranglong,Bongcher, Hrangkhawl, Toto, Korbong, Kabongram, Ringpam, Chiru, etc.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Programn Course Structure Timetable
MA(by course work) Two Years (Four Semesters) 31 PG Syllabus
M. Phil. Depends on vacancy
Ph.D. Depends on vacancy
  • IPP Syllabus


Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Ajit Kumar Baishya  (Ph.D.) Professor Sociolinguistics Pidgin and Creole Studies ajit.kumar.baishya@aus.ac.in
S. Ganesh Baskaran  (Ph.D.) Associate Professor Descriptive linguistics, Lexicology s.ganesh.baskaran@aus.ac.in
Kh. Dhiren Singha  (M.Phil.,Ph.D.) Associate Professor Language typology, Tibeto-Burman Linguistics kh.dhiren.singha@aus.ac.in
Pauthang Haokip  (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Phonetics and Phonology, Tibeto-Burman pauthang.haokip@aus.ac.in
D Mary Kim Haokip  (M.Phil.) Assistant Professor English Language Teaching, Descriptive linguistics d.mary.kim.haokip@aus.ac.in
Paramita Purkait  (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Comparative Linguistics, Morphology paramita.purkait@aus.ac.in

Head of Department

Dr. Kh. Dhiren Singha