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Centre for Soft Matters

The Centre for Soft Matters, established under the aegis of the Department of Chemistry in 2009 under UGC 11th Plan to address the academic and research pertaining to the design, synthesis, characterisation, physical properties and device application of soft materials. The purpose of the centre is to provide a centralized interdisciplinary platform for study and research related to advanced areas in material science. The faculty members of the centre are engaged in research on board area of material science like nanomaterials, liquid crystals, nanotechnology,nanopatterning, polymer and nanocomposites,surface science and technology, solar energy materials, optoelectronic materials, supramolecular assemblies and nanobiotechnology etc.


Name Designation Area of specialisation
Himadri Acharya, Ph.D Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry(Self Assembly, Nanopatterning,Nanomaterials and Polymer Nanocomposites)
Sudip Choudhury, Ph.D Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Liquid Crystals, Nanomaterials