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Department of Applied Science and Humanities

About the Department:

Since its inception, as one among the departments under Triguna Sen School of Technology,
Department of Applied Science and Humanities participates in B.Tech and M.Tech programmes
by offering courses in Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, and
Professional Communication &Humanities . With an orientation of interdisciplinary learning,
the department promotes practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to build a solid
foundation as part of the Engineering Education. Taught by individual faculties, who are highly
qualified and professionally competent in their respective fields, the courses focus on promote
the applications of scientific knowledge, strengthen the conceptualized frameworks, lay strong
foundation, imbibe core essentials and bring forward comfort in communication in the field of
Applied Sciences and Humanities.

Vision of the Department of Applied Science & Humanities

  • To be a model of excellence in multidisciplinary branches of science and engineering by producing world class graduates
  • To Create a platform for encouraging outcome based research environment

Courses Offered

The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities caters to the requirements of the students by offering courses in the fields of

    • Engineering Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Engineering Chemistry
    • Workshop
    • English
    • Programming for Problem Solving
    • Basic Electrical Engineering
    • Indian Constitution
    • Operations Research
    • Universal Human Values
    • 21 days Induction Programme for the first year students of AE, CSE and ECE

An integral part of the Department, Mathematics offers courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various engineering disciplines, and aims to impart the sound knowledge of the various mathematical tools used and their applications in the engineering
disciplines. The syllabus includes areas such as Calculus, Differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, Z transforms, Fuzzy Mathematics, Probability and Graph Theory, helps the students in Computational Techniques, Discrete Structure and Statistical Testing. The Objective is to create engineers with strong mathematical background, creative thinking, and problem solving skills through systematic training and to help student understand the significance of application and logical thinking.

Applied Physics offers Engineering Physics courses to all engineering disciplines in their 1st year. It provides grounding in applied physics such as Optics, Quantum Physics, Materials Science, Applied Mechanics, Nanotechnology, Solid-State Physics etc. The objective is to enable
students to understand the basic ideas and concepts in Physics, which play a primary role in all branches of engineering, and thereby, motivate students to understand the relationship between physics and engineering.

Applied Chemistry provides basic knowledge of applied chemistry & Environment Engineering to all branches of 1st B.Tech students. The objective of teaching Chemistry is to impart a scientific approach to familiarize the important applications of Chemistry in the field
of engineering and technology and to create awareness about the major environmental issues.

Humanities imparts instructions to B.Tech students of the various engineering disciplines and caters to their needs in the areas of English, Technical Communication, Technical Report Writing, Philosophy, Economics and Human Development. The syllabus of English is designed
to help the students gain proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, and includes activities such as group discussion, mock interviews and presentation. These programs, by providing practical lessons, help students learn how to understand & communicate in the classroom or workplace.

Courses on Human Values are included with an aim to provide a firm grounding in human values to produce conscientious citizens. With an objective to meet the demands of contemporary business, the department also offers courses on Economics and Human Development.


NameDesignationArea of Specializations
Pranab Kumar
Assistant Professor
(Applied Physics)
Materials for CMOS
Fabrication, RRAM by
Transition Metal Oxides,
Perovskite Solar Cell
Pradip Debnath,

Assistant Professor
Nonlinear Functional
Analysis, Fixed-Point
Theory, Fuzzy
Arijita Pradhan,
Assistant Professor
Indigenous Studies,
Comparative Literature,
Subaltern Studies,
American Literature
Khemnath Patir,

Assistant Professor
Materials, Nanomaterials, Metal-Organic

Dr. Khemnath Patir (i/c)