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Department of Education

Departmental Profile

The Department started with a Master of Arts in Education in July 1995. The Department offers M.Ed., Masters in Educational Planning and Management (MEPM), Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Planning and Management (PGDEPM), M.Phil., Ph.D. and D.Litt. programmes. The division has accomplished a number of research projects funded by regional/ national level agencies. Educational theory constitutes the thrust area of the current research endeavor in the Department. With the purpose of improving the quality of the science teachers, four years integrated B.Sc.B.Ed. programme is started in this esteemed Department from the year 2012. The balanced science and pedagogy teaching enrich the students to turn out to be skilled and dedicated teachers. Our Department is one among the few others in our country where the entrants can develop them only after their schooling by opting integrated B.Sc.B.Ed. programme.



Courses Offered


Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Course Structure Timetable
M.A. Two Years (Four Semesters) 46
M. Ed. Two Years (Four Semesters) 38
Post-graduate Diploma / Degree in Educational Planning & Management (PGDEPM/MEPM) One Year / Two Years (Two Semester / Four Semester) 25
B.Sc.B.Ed. Four Years (Eight Semester)  28



Name Designation Area of Specialization Email & Contact
Geetika Bagchi, Ph.D. Professor, Dean Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Administration and Management, Special Education, Educational Management and evaluation geetikabagchi31@gmail.com
R Balakrishnan, Ph.D. Professor, Head  Educational Management, Environmental Education and Comparative Education  rambalan47@gmail.com
*N. B. Biswas, Ph.D. Professor Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Development , Research Methodology, Integrated education in N.E. India, Pedagogical Sciences biswasnb1952@gmail.com
Ajay Kumar Singh, Ph.D. Professor Science Education, Teaching Learning Process, Educational Measurement & Evaluation, Educational Research ajayaus2015@gmail.com
Sima Pal, Ph.D. Associate Professor Value Education, Special Educational simapal07@rediffmail.com
S. K. Dutta, Ph.D. Associate Professor Teacher Education, Curriculum Development swapankumardutta69@gmail.com
Ram Kumar Mahto, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Science Education, Educational Research & Technology, Elementary Education rkmahto23@gmail.com
Ananta Kumar Jena, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Philosophy of Science Education, Educational Research, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Cognitive Science akjenaaus@gmail.com


Remith George Carri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Science Education, Environmental Education, Academic Writing in Education and Qualitative Research remith.george.carri@aus.ac.in
Sreeparna Bhattacharjee, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor


Human Rights Education, Educational Sociology, Contemporary Philosophy




Swapan Kumar Mandal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Educational Research, Educational Technology, Environmental Education kumandalswapan@gmail.com
Bhaskar Nath, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry & Crystal Engineering bhaskar.nath1985@yahoo.com
C. Zorammuana, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Continuum Mechanics, Solid Mechanics mamuanac@gmail.com
Ruhul Amin, M.Sc., M.Ed. Assistant Professor Pure Mathematics, Mathematics Education (Research: Graph Theory) aminruhul80@gmail.com
Suman Kalyan Panja, M.Ed., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry, Science Education, Educational Research, Guidance and Counselling suman.kalyan.panja@aus.ac.in


Sukanta Mondal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry. (Research: Hydrogen storage, Gas hydrates, Aromaticity, Metal Clusters, Nonclassical molecules and ions) sukanta.mondal@aus.ac.in


Swarnakamal Mukherjee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Physics (Material Sciences), Science Education skphys@gmail.com
Atanu Banerjee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Zoology (Cell and Molecular Biology), Cell Cycle and Molecular Genetics of Cancer atanu_7777@yahoo.co.in
Khwairakpam Shantakumar Singh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Laser ablation (experimental and simulation), Laser produced plasma, Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, Laser induced nanoparticles shantakh9@gmail.com

Head of the Department

Prof. Ramiah Balakrishnan

03842- 270328 (O)

* Reappointed for one year


A good number of passed out students are now employed as teachers in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Some students are also engaged in industries as well as in government and non-government organisations within and outside North-East India.