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About IKS

Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems
Center for North East Studies-Consciousness, Economy, Agriculture and Food Security.

PI: Prof. Nataraju Adarasupally,
Dean, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan School of Philosophical Studies, Assam University.

Over View of the Project:

By selecting four themes with specific objectives and outcomes, this center aims to educate and mentor research activities related to Indian Knowledge Systems in the North East India. Except Indian Consciousness Studies, the remaining three themes are directly related to North East India centered. The inter disciplinary approach, and collaboration is the strength of this center. There are four co-PIs from four different departments to bring their expertise and research to work for this center and also fulfil IKS mission. We also aim to collaborate with other North East universities to promote more project proposals from faculty and research scholars. Publication of books, research papers and articles is the priority.
Contribution to the IKS Mission:

By developing mechanisms to educate and mentor in four different themes from the IKS division, this center fulfils the mandate of promoting inter disciplinary and transdisciplinary research in Indian Knowledge systems.
Justification: Being placed in the heart of North East India, Assam University would act as a catalyst in promoting Indian Knowledge Systems with special reference to N-E India. We bring in the expertise of conducting research for the last two decades, and also the experience of handling major projects.
Four Themes of the Project:
Theme-I: New Approaches to doing Indian Theories of Consciousness
Prof. Nataraju Adarasupally
Dean, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School of Philosophical Studies, Assam University &
Dr. Munmun Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Assam University.

Indigenous Models of Sustainable Rural Food Sovereignty in North East India
Prof. Molankal Gangabhushan, Department of Social Work, Assam University.

Indigenous Knowledge Practices in Trade and Commerce in North East India
Dr. Joyeeta Deb, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Assam University.

Enhanced Nutritional Security and Food Sustainability through Traditional Fermented Foods of North East India.
Dr. Ajita Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Engineering, Assam University.

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