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Incubation Centre – Assam University

The Incubation centre of Assam University has been set up for innovation and entrepreneurship to enable the students to get firsthand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation driven activities in the University and provide a comprehensive and integrated range of support including mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits.

The Incubation Centre of Assam university, silchar campus is dedicated to discover the entrepreneurs stashed inside the students of the University . The Incubation centre connects students with solid entrepreneurial skills and helps them to get exposed to an array of networking, contacts, mentorship, workshops, skill development, seminars, competitions and so forth. The Incubation centre of Assam University believes in a very subtle concept of “Idea” and “Innovation” We believe, when there is an idea there is innovation and where innovation and idea thrives, there thrives the entrepreneur. There is an entrepreneur inside every student and youth, the Incubation centre of Assam University just helps them to foster that hunger of entrepreneurship.

1.To encourage students and the locality to take part in entrepreneurship development through the different awareness programmes.
2.To conduct workshops, lectures, industrial visits etc., for improving entrepreneurial skills of students and concerned local people.
3.To provide information for acquiring loans and financial assistance from government and non-government agencies.

Since its inception from December 11, 2018, under its principal coordinator Dr. Debomalya ghosh, Deputy Coordinator Dr. Prodipto Das, Asstt. Co-ordinator Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharjee and Dr. Sudip Choudhury the Incubation centre of Assam university has organized various entrepreneurship summits in collaboration with EDII ( Entrepreneurship development institution of India) and also organized different industrial motivational workshops sponsored by MSME.


  • Professor (Dr.) D Ghosh
    Co-ordinator, Incubation Centre, Assam University
    9401335493, 7002408399
  • Dr. Prodipto Das
    Deputy Coordinator, Incubation Centre, Assam University
    86383 18387
  • Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharjee
    Assistant Coordinator, Incubation Centre, Assam University
    84719 39088
  • Dr. Sudip Choudhury
    Assistant Coordinator , Incubation Centre, Assam University
    94358 83166

Students’ Coordinators:

# Mr Gopal Paul : 7577843105, # Er Avinav Baretha : 9435774558

Workshop: with KIIT TBI on 19th September 2022

Session on Women Entrepreneurship Webinar
Webinar in Progress 21st August 2021

Webinars in progress