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Induction Program On Mathematics and Its Application, February 19,2021

One-week  “Online Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra” , September 19-25, 2020 under UGC-SAP

International webinar on “Recent Advances of operations Research in Natural and Social Sciences”, September,18, 2020 organized by Department of Mathematics and IQAC, Lanka Mahavidyalaya, Lanka in Collaboration with Department of Mathematics, Assam University, Silchar (Prof. Karabi Dutta Choudhury (HOD, Mathematics, AUS) as Patron, Dr. Nabendu Sen as joint coordinator and Dr. Sumit Saha as technical coordinator. )

One-week  “International Webinar on Design and Applications of Single and Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques” ,7-11 September 2020 under UGC-SAP.

One-week  “Workshop on Algebraic Number Theory” , August 31-05 September, 2020 under UGC-SAP.

National Webinar on “Mathematical and statistical modeling of infectious diseases relevant to covid-19”, 8 th August, 2020, organized by Department of Mathematics, Assam University, Silchar ( Dr. Sanjib Sengupta as coordinator and Dr. Naba Kanta Sarma as joint coordinator )

International Webinar on “Optimization in Inventory Management“, 25 – 26 July , 2020 ( Dr. Nabendu Sen and Dr. Sumit Saha as coordinators )

AFS-II held at Assam University, Silchar during June 4-30, 2018.

Regional workshop on “Analysis and Algebra” ,June 5-9, 2017.

National conference “Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences”, March 24-26, 2017, (under UGC-SAP)