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Departmental Profile

The Department of Mathematics started functioning in the year 1994. The Department offers M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D. programs in Mathematics. Academic activities of the Department apart from teaching and research include activities like organizing Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Refresher Courses, Winter Schools programs, etc. for serving teachers and students. The Departmental Library is sponsored by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (DAE), Mumbai. The Department is also sponsored by UGC (SAP) and DST (FIST). The academic programs are managed by a competent core faculty and backed by updated syllabi and a computer laboratory.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration No. of Seats Program Course Structure & Syllabus
NEP-2020 UG Course Structure Eight Semesters NEP – 2020 UG Course Structure and Syllabi (up to 2nd Semester), to be effective from the session 2023

Applicable to the Colleges under Assam University, Silchar

M.Sc. (by Course Work) Four Semesters 58 M.Sc. Syllabus with effect from the 2022-23 batch (Under the guidelines of NEP-2020)

M.Sc. Syllabus affected by the 2019-20 batch

M.Phil.   (by Course Work & Dissertation)
Ph.D. (by Course Work & Research Work) IPP Coursework (Syllabus effected from 2020-21)


Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
KARABI DUTTA CHOUDHURY, Ph.D. Professor Inventory Management (Operations Research), Computer Applications karabidc@gmail.com


SAMIRA BEHERA, M.Sc., P.BSc.DCA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra samirabehera@yahoo.in


SANJIB SENGUPTA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor & HOD Non-Newtonian Fluids, Nanofluids, Bio-mathematics, Fractional Calculus sanjib_aus2009@rediffmail.com


NABENDU SEN,  Ph.D. Associate Professor Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling, Multi-objective, Fuzzy Optimization, Inventory in Fuzzy Environment, GA nsen08@yahoo.com6003499227


UDAY SHANKAR CHAKRABORTY,  Ph.D. Associate Professor Functional Analysis udayhkd@gmail.com


N. JIBAN SINGH,  M.Phil., Ph. D. Assistant Professor Low dimensional Topology, Combinatorics, Topological dynamics njiban@gmail.com9435370648
NABA KANTA SARMA , Ph.D. Assistant Professor Number Theory, Fixed Point Theory kanta.naba@gmail.com, kanta_naba@rediffmail.com

7002794523 (W); 9435090536

SUMIT SAHA,  Ph.D. Assistant Professor Pattern Recognition, Operations Research, Modeling in Inventory Management sumitsaha_math@yahoo.co.in


VENKATARAO CHUKKA , Ph.D. Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics; Nanofluids; Convective Instabilities; Spectral Methods vraochukka@gmail.com, venkatarao.chukka@aus.ac.in

7989836828; 9573335535

Head of the Department

Prof. Sanjib Sengupta


Alumni of the Department of Mathematics, Assam University are now serving as faculty members/researchers in universities, colleges, and research institutions in different parts of the country and also in several industrial organizations. Quite a few of the former students of the department have also qualified in competitive examinations like GATE, NET, JRF, GRE, etc., and are pursuing research in India and abroad.