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NSS Activities

Students are encouraged in participating NSS (National Service Scheme) activities organised by the Programme Officer and Coordinator, NSS Unit of Assam University.
NSS is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India., Govt. of India.

Sl. No.
1Prof. M. GangabhushanProgramme Coordinatornsscoordinatoraus2013@gmail.com
2Dr. G. Albin JosephProgramme Officer, AUS Unit 1albinjosephg@gmail.com
3Dr. Pradip DebnathProgramme Officer, AUS Unit 2debnath.pradip@yahoo.com
4Mr. Rajmohan KoiriOffice Assistantrajmohannsscell@gmail.com

NSS Advisory Committee

NSS Regular Activities

NSS Special Camps

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Annual Reports