About Us

In view of the increasing importance of the Electronics Engineering discipline, the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in 2011 under School of Technology to offer Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. The primary objective of the department is to impart quality education and training at undergraduate level in various fields of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering to meet the requirement of skilled engineers of the region as well as the country and abroad.

Our Mission

i) To provide State-of-art technical education in the Electronics and Communication at
undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
ii) Strengthening of soft skills, through co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.
iii) To encourage students for higher education as well as R&D activities in order to serve the needs
of the society, industry, government and scientific community.
iv) To establish center of excellence in thrust areas to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity
among faculty and students.

Our Vision

The department has a clear vision to provide a vibrant and optimum learning environment to students in
order to help them achieve professional excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication


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