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Grants for research projects


Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co-Investigator Name of the Projects funded by Non-Government Organizations
Raju Mandal Why is Assam Left Behind in India’s Economic Boom? A Behavioural Perspective on the Effect of Conflict
Anindya Syam Choudhury An Investigation into the Relationship between Mother Tongue and English Language Learning Strategies among High School Students in Southern Assam
Pius V Thomas Post-traditional Meaning and Significance of the Concept of Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicism
Subhabrata Dutta,
Joyashri Dey
and M. Tinesowri Devi
Technical Assistance to PHED towards safely arranged drinking water system strengthening for planning, monitoring and reporting


Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co-Investigator Name of the Projects funded by Government Organizations
Diwakar Kumar UGC-BSR start up
Diwakar Kumar Identification and Characterization of DNA Primase in Leishmania donovani
Diwakar Kumar Molecular and structural characterization of mitochondrial DNA primase in Leishmania donovani
Piyush Pandey DBT Foldscope Project
Indu Sharma DBT Foldscope
Amitabha Bhattacharjee DBT Foldscope
Piyush Pandey Bioremediation of polyaromatic hydrocarbon contaminated soil using plant microbe interaction in rhizospere
Piyush Pandey Impact of Rhzospere mediated bioremediation of polyaromatic hydrocarbon of different soil microbiomes, in contaminated surface soil of oil and gas drilling sites of Assam
Piyush Pandey Developments of Microbial inoculants to improve growth and productivity of Darjeeling and Assam Tea
Piyush Pandey Rhizosphere microbiome for improving symbiotic nitrogen fixation and yield of lentils in northeastern states of India
Piyush pandey Microbial Roles in yield management of scented rice of northeast India
Piyush Pandey Engineered bioremediation approaches for onsite treatment of soil contaminated with crude oil
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Molecular analysis of efflux pump mediated antibiotic resistance in Gram negative bacilli
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Analysis of genetic environment and mobile elements associated with carbapenamase gene in multidrug resistant gram negative bacilli
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Molecular insight into heterogenic resistance and vancomycin creep in Staphylococcus aureus: Optimization of a diagnostic screening marker
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Molecular insight into Staphylococcal Chromosomal Cassette mec (SCCmec): Using an epidemiological marker for molecular diagnostics
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Genetic insight into MLSb resistance in Staphylococcus aureus and identifying a heterogenic resistance marker for diagnostic screening
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Molecular analysis of emerging carbapenem hydrolyzing class D beta-lactamases (CHDLs) in Gram negative bacteria and their control using antiplasmid compound
Amitabha Bhattacharjee Diagnostics for One Health and User Driven Solutions for AMR
A. Das Talukdar Validation of some North-East Indian traditional anti-inflammatory plants for anti-proliferative, anti-angiogenic and anti-metastatic properties: In search of novel anticancer agents (sanction order number BT/PR16141/NER/95/81/2015 dated 07/11/2016).
A. Das Talukdar Prediction of genes and their functional partners responsible for imparting antibiotic resistance in Enterobacteriaceae- an extensive study (Sanction Order No EMR/2016/007800 dated 15/03/2018)
A. Das Talukdar Diversity assessment, In vitro propagation and DNA Barcoding of Fern & Fern-allies of Assam (sanction order number BT/PR24808/NER/95/858/2017dated 10/09/2018).
A. Das Talukdar Drug discovery approaches for the effective control of tuberculosis – target-based virtual screening and whole-cell screening of medicinal plants
M. Dutta Choudhury To detect damage in liver tissues including CCl4 stress and their recovery after treatment with different plant extracts to establish their antioxidant and medicinal activities
Debjyoti Bhattacharyya Inventorization of Lianas in Assam and their conservation with special reference to reproductive attributes of some threatened taxa
Anupom Borah Investigating the molecular basis of the anti-parkinsonian effects of Garcinol-a phytoconstituents of Garcinia sp. in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease
S. Roychoudhury Effect of heavy metals and pesticides on male fertility and testicular carcinoma in situ: resveratrol, CoQ10 targeting the therapeutic machinery of pre-cancerous cellular condition
Sanjeev Kumar Biodegradation of keratin-rich solid waste by Keratinolytic fungi from Himalayan and sub-himalayan region of North-East India
S.K. Panda Understanding Aluminum stress tolerance in black gram grown in acid soil of north-east India
S.K. Panda Genome and transcriptome sequencing of aromatic rices from Northeastern regions
S.K. Panda Enhancing drought tolerance in crops species using biotechnological approaches
S.K. Panda Functional Genomics for Drought Tolerance in Assam Rice
S.K. Panda Studies on the function of AOX 1 and NDB2 in regulating cold stress in plants
S.K. Panda Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in North-Eastern India. Diversity, factors of virus transmission and natural inhibitor.
Abhik Gupta Biomonitoring of pesticides in rivers and streams vis a vis ecological services and functions
Arun Jyoti Nath Assessment of carbon stock and sequestration potential in major land-use sectors of southern Assam, Karbi, Anglong and NC Hills
Tapati Das Diversity, distribution and management of aquatic invasive macrophytes (AIM) in Assam, an Indo Burman Biodiversity Hotspot
Jayashree Rout Biodiesel production using indigenous microalgae of northeast India
Arun Jyoti Nath Production of Phytolith occluded carbon for advancing climate change mitigation
S.K.Ghosh & Yashmin Choudhury Upgrading Infrastructure in Medical Colleges in North-eastern States of India
Mahuya Sengupta Potential anti-cancer property of arsenic nanoparticles: a study of its anti-cancer efficacy and the underlying mechanism using cancer cell lines
Ravi Rajwanshi Identification, characterization and expression profiling of drought stress responsive microRNAs in Coffea arabica L.
S.K.Ghosh & Yashmin Choudhury Image IDGP: Image-based systems for identification of Individuals, Breeds and Diseases of Pigs and Goats
Yashmin Choudhury Investigations into the potential of activating the AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) for the amelioration of betel-nut induced carcinogenesis
Supriyo Chakraborty Codon usage pattern and regulation of genes associated with lung cancer using micro RNA
Suparna Roy Agricultural Transformation in Northeast India since independence
Sajal Nag ‘Tribe, Millenarianism and Colonial State: the Gaidilu Uprising in North East India’
Bhagaban Swain, Sudipta Roy & Tapodhir Acharjee Implementation and analysis of a Quantum Key distribution protocol for network security
Ajoy K. Khan Volume minimization in 3D VLSI Physical Design Authentication
Ajoy K. Khan Study and Analysis of Power Analysis Wave Forms of Side-Channel Attacks to identify the Cryptosystems.
Paritosh Mondal Structure reactivity and electronic properties of bare and supported Rhn (n=2-30) clusters in relation to the automotive exhaust pollution control: A density functional Theory Study.
Paritosh Mondal Quantum chemical studies on structure and reactivity of Ru, Os and Au based anti-cancer drugs and their interaction with biomolecules.
H. Acharya Directed self assembly of semiconductor nanocrystals in conjugated block copolymer micelle for optoelectronic application
Rajib Panchadhayee Synthesis of oligosaccharide motifs related to the cell-wall lipopolysaccharide of Providencia Govt.stuartii O18, Providencia stuartii O47 and Providencia alcalifaciens O33 towards the preparation of carbohydrate-based protecting agent against Providencia.
S. K. Ghosh Multifunctional Janus Nanoparticles for Cancer Imaging and Therapy
S. K. Ghosh Photothermal Properties of Anisotropic Metal Nanostructures
T. Sanjoy Singh UGC-BSR Research  Startup Grant
T. Sanjoy Singh Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of a Novel Class of Schiff Base: A New Fluorescent Chemosensory Materials and Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties.
Debvashish Sengupta Nitronium and Sulphonium Containing Monomeric and Dimeric, Free Base and Metalized Porphyrin-Carbon Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Their Structure-Activity Relationships in Interpreting Their Roles as Selective Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Debvashish Sengupta Nanoassisted C60-Pyrimidine Derivatives: Their Synthesis, Characterization, Neuroprotective and Antiviral Activities
Debvashish Sengupta Study of Water-Soluble (C70 and C60) Fullerene-Porphyrin Dyads as inhibitors of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV): Synthesis, characterization and anti-HIV activity.
T. Sanjoy Singh Development of intracellular fluorescent chemosensor for various metal ions using experimental and computational methods
Sudip Choudhury Chirality Modulated Design of BioinspiredSemiconductive Peptides and Peptidomimetics: Synthesis, Self-assembly, Semiconductivity and Optical properties
Sudip Choudhury DNA-Decorated Liquid Crystalline Nano-composite materials for Efficient Chemical Sensing
Asoke K Sen Dust and Magnetic fields in low mass star-forming clouds, in collaboration with St. Petersburg University, Russia
Himadri Sekhar Das Study of light scattering properties of cosmic dust using cluster computation.
Bidhan Mohanta Role of trace elements in cancer progression and remediation.
Bidhan Mohanta Study of impaired trace element metabolism in different types of cancer.
Utpal Sarkar Designing of Hybrid Carbon Network for Clean Energy
Utpal Sarkar Characterization and detection of biomolecule through interaction with nanostructure
Pradeep Kumar Shukla “Molecular mechanisms of action of ruthenium anticancer drugs: A quantum computational study”
Dipendu Das Pangs of Marginalization, Crisis and Assertion of Identity in the Literature of the Tea-Tribes of Assam: A Study
Dipendu Das Partition of India and the Northeast: Issues of Migration and Identity (Special focus: Southern Assam)
Lalduhsanga Pachuau Isolation, Characterization and Investigation of Cellulose Nanocrystals from wild Musa spp. of Mizoram as a functional tablet excipient
Partha Palit UGC-BSR Startup Grant
Nataraju A Limit of Thought: Limit of Concepts and Limit of Contradictions in Indian Philosophy
Nataraju A Limit of thoughts: limit contradiction, limit concepts in classical and contemporary Vedanta philosophy
Nirakar Mallick Exclusion of inclusion: Caste and Tribe in North- East India
Nilanjana Chakraborty Role of Integrated Marketing Communication on Visitor’s Selection of Heritage Destination: A Study on select northeastern states in India
M F Hussain Rare Earth Metal Abundances in Certain Pan African Granitoids of Karbi Hills, Assam: Their Prospect Examination
Mukut Sarmah & Sumana Chakrabarty Sarmah “Design and Development of Institutional Repository for Assam University”.
G.P Pandey Impact of TV Advertisements on Adolescents: A study of Silchar Town Assam.
Ayesha Tehara Rashid Promoting Health Literacy using Puppetry as social
Partha Sarkar Information and communication technology and rural development: A study of Tea Garden communities of Barak Valley in Southern Assam,
G. Albin Joseph Positive Youth Development of National Service Scheme of Assam University and its affiliated colleges: Programmes, Impacts and Challenges
G. Albin Joseph Inclusion of Persons with disability in the Mainstream: Realities, Challenges and Rehabilitation in Barak Valley of Assam State
G. Albin Joseph Digital inclusion of Rural Youth for Sustainable Development: a Comparative Assessment
Debotosh Chakraborty Decentralisation and rural governance: a comparative study of Panchayati raj institutions in Assam and Tripura
N. Bijen Meetei Institutions for managing diversity in northeast India: Functioning of Bodo territorial council
Ajay Kumar Singh Predictors of academic achievement of different generation learners studying in higher educational institutions of northeastern states of India: a focused study on social groups and women
Sukanto Mondal UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Swarna Kamal Mukherjee UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Bhaskar Nath UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Suman Kalyan Panja UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Atanu Banerjee UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Khwairakpam Shantakumar Singh UGC-BSR start-up grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professors level in science departments of various universities
Niranjan Roy Climate Change, Dynamics of Shifting Agriculture, and Livelihood Vulnerabilities in the Northeastern States of India
Niranjan Roy Agricultural Transformation in Northeast India since independence
Debaprasad Das Development of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Nanoribbon Interconnect Model for VLSI Circuits
Rinku Rabidas Design a framework to detect moving object for intelligent video surveillance system
Barunjyoti Choudhury Socio-Economic Status of Female Tea Garden Worker
Barunjyoti Choudhury Socio-Economic Status of Female Domestic Worker
Joyeeta Deb A Study of Financial Performance and Branch Level Efficiency of Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.”
Joyeeta Deb “Competition and its Impact on Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions: A Comparative Study of India and Bangladesh”
Prabhat Kumar Mishra Bhasha sangrakshan aur sambhardhan me bharat sarkar ki neeti ki bhoomika aur prasangikta : ashtam anusuchi aur maithili bhasha ke visesh sandharbh me
Prabhat Kumar Mishra Adhunik hindi sahitya me Kalidas ki upasstiithi
Prabhat Kumar Mishra Development of non technology PG degree online courses for SWAYAM
Somenath Bhattacharjee Indigenous Knowledge Of Health Care Practices During Pregnancy, Childbirth And Postnatal Period- A Study On The Karbi Tribal Group Of North East India
Somenath Bhattacharjee A Study On Goal Pariya Folk Culture: An undocumented Part Of Indian Civilization
Somenath Bhattacharjee Natural Resources And Indigenous Knowledge As An Alternative Source Of Tribal Medicine In Assam
Prafulla KR Nath Festivals, Cultural Spectacles & Ethnicity: Ethnography of the Karbi Youth Festival
A. I. Chanu Shifting Occupation and Socio-Economic conditions of ST households in the Hills District of Assam in Post-Liberalisation Period
Bishnu Charan Dash Negotiating Tribal Culture: Myths and Beliefs of the Bodos, Karbis, Khasis and Kandha-Parajas
Anup Kumar Dey Folk culture and Literature of Zeme Tribe in Northeast India
Vulli Dhanaraju Colonial Cartography in Northeast India
Vulli Dhanaraju Ecology, Culture and Hegemony: A Study of Forest resources and Policies in Karbi Land (Assam)
Tarun Dutta Capacity building on consumer rights among the people of hill districts of Assam
B C Dash Governance of the Assam Power Sector
Dr. N L Raju Prevalence of bacterial pathogens from roof-harvested rainwater tanks and awareness of its health risks in school Children of tribal Communities in Karbi Anglong
S. K. Panda Functional characterization of Group 4 LEA……transgenic Brassica
P.V. Reddy Role of Nuclear Factor E2 Reletad Factor 2 (NRF2) in Ammonia Induced Astrocyte Dysfunctions: Implications in Brain Edema in Acute Liver Failure
P.V. Reddy DBT Foldscope