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Syllabus (PG/UG/Integrated Courses)


M.Sc. in Statistics
Master of Social Work
M.A. in Sociology
M.Sc in Microbiology
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
M.A. in English
M.A. in Assamese
M.Sc in Earth Science
M.Sc in Anthropology
Master of Library and Information Science
M.A. in Mass Communication
M.Sc in Chemistry
M.Sc in Life Science & Bioinformatics
Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences
M.Sc in Biotechnology
M.Sc in Ecology & Environmental Science
B.V.A. in Visual Arts
M.V.A. in Visual Arts
M.A. in Linguistics
M.A. in Indian Comparative Literature
M.A. in Hindi
M.A. in Bengali
M.A. in Manipuri
M.A. in Sanskrit
M.A. in Urdu
M.A. in French
M.A. in Arabic
M.A. in Economics
Master of Commerce
M.A. in Political Science
M.A. in History
B.Sc.BE. in Education
M.Sc in Physics
M.Sc in Mathematics
M.Sc (INTEGRATED) in Computer Science
M.Sc in Computer Science
PGDTM in Ecology & Environmental Science
B.A. LL.B.
M.A./M.Sc. in Geography
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Classical Music)
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Dance)
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Dramatics)
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Instrumental Music)
PGDBC in Ecology & Environmental Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
M.A. in Philosophy
M.Ed. in Education
M.A. in Education
MBA Hospitality & Tourism Management
Master of Business Administration
B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
M.Tech. in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering: Agricultural Engineering
M.Tech. in Water Resources Development and Management: Agricultural Engineering
M.Tech. in Food Process Engineering: Agricultural Engineering
M.Tech. in Aquacultural Engineering: Agricultural Engineering