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Departmental Profile


The Department of Sanskrit started its journey with Master of Arts programme in 1995. The Department offers three optional specializations in the groups of Veda, Darsana and Kavya in the Post Graduate level. Interdisciplinary studies remain the prime focus of the Research work along with the traditional genre. The Department recurrently organizes Seminar, Workshop and Lecture Programmes. Since inception the department has remained engaged in popularizing the Study of Sanskrit language and literature in the region. Simple Sanskrit speaking courses are regularly organized within and outside university campus to enable the learners speak in simple Sanskrit. The Department also organizes Sanskrit Literacy Programme in the rural areas. The thrust area covers Vedic, Aesthetic, Cultural, Philosophical, Scientific and interdisciplinary studies.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure Timetable
M.A.(by course work) Four Semester 31 M.A(Syllabus) 2013-2014 Batch
M.Phil   (by course work & dissertation)
(by course work and research work)
D.Litt.( by research work )


Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Das Roy,  Ph.D.
Professor Veda
& Mimamsa
+91 9435730487


Biswas,  Ph.D.
Professor Kavya. +91 9435373664


Shanti Pokhrel,  Ph.D. Professor Veda. +91 9435712058


Sharma, Ph.D.
Nyaya, Indian Philosophy +91 9401002272


Head of the department

PROF. Shanti Pokhrel

03842-270836 (O)

+91 9435712058 (M)

Research Activities

The department of Sanskrit is perusing its research activities in the core sections of the subject as well as with interdisciplinary approach both by the students and by the faculty members. The department has undertaken interdisciplinary research programme by the scholars working for the Ph.D. degree with the department of Chemistry and Law in the current Academic session. At present 44 scholars are working in different areas of research in Sanskrit and are working to work out the relevance of our age old heritage in the present era. Fourteen scholars have been awarded the Degree of Ph.D. and four have submitted their thesis in the current academic session. The department has been publishing Research Journal Vagisvari, with ISSN (Multilingual Research Journal) since 2005 and Volume VIII has been published. The students of the Department have initiated the publication of Multilingual Student Magazine entitled Aksara. First issue has come out in 2011-12 by the Ph.D. scholars and students of the department of Sanskrit. The next issue of the Multilingual Departmental Student Magazine and Multilingual Departmental Research Journal has been published. The Department organized nine (09) invited lecture programmes by prominent and eminent scholars. The faculty members convoyed the students of the Department to have a dialogue with Dr. P. Nanda Kumar, General Secretary, Samskrit Bharati (International NGO) to get the orientation of their world wide activities. The Faculty members of the department have been publishing Research papers, attending and presenting papers in the seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ symposiums in Regional, National and International levels. A minor research project entitled “Critical edition as well as Nepali translation of Svapnavasavadattam” under UGC is going on.


A good number of passed out students have been serving as faculty members in colleges, University and other Educational Institutions. A good number of Alumni are also engaged in popularizing Sanskrit in the region in collaboration with different NGOs.


Literacy Programme

1. 1st May 2010 – Sanskrit Literacy Programme for 3 months in Irongmara High School organized by Dept. of Sanskrit, AUS on May, 2010.
2. 17st Aug 2011 – Sanskrit Literacy Programme for 3 months on P.C. Borjalenga H.S.School organized by Dept. of Sanskrit, AUS on Aug. 2011.

Lecture Programme

1. 6/11/2008 – Lecture Programme on Bhagabadgita and Business Management 01 Prof. Gautam Patel Out side N.E.
2. 05/08-2009 – Lecture Programme by Prof. Abhik Gupta (Deptt. Of Ecology and Environmental Science, AUS) Topic Ecocentric Thought and Politics in Ancient India
3. 10/01/2011 A Lecture and Demonstration Programme organized by the Department on The Influence of Sanskrit Literature on Gaudiya Nrytya. Lecturer delivered by Prof. Mahua Mukherjee, HOD, Dance, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and demonstrated by her team members Mr. Amitabha Mukherjee, Mr. Debasis Sarkar and Ms. Sudesna Majumder. This programme is organized in Bipin Chandra Paul Milanayatan.
4. 29/01/2011 A Lecture programme organized by the Department on Environment-Consciousness in Smriti Sastra, Lecturer delivered by Prof. Satya Narayan Chakraborty, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in Rabindranath Milanayatan of Bhasacharya Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay Bhasa Bhavan.
5. 17/02/2011 A Lecture programme organized by the Department on Kalidasas Meghadutam in Premendra Mohan Goswami Seminar Hall. Lecture delivered by Prof. Gautam Patel, Ex HOD Department of Sanskrit, Gujrat University and Ex President Gujrat State Sanskrit Academy.
6. 18/02/2011 Another Lecture programme organized by the Department for the students on Sankaracharya in Rabindra Milanayatan. Lecture delivered by Prof. Gautam Patel, Ex. HOD Department of Sanskrit, Gujrat University and Ex President Gujrat State Sanskrit Academy.
7. 2/08/2012 Lecture Programme on Yoga and Well-being by Sri Samarpan Nath, Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Geology, G.C.College, Silchar.
8. 04/03/2012 Lecture programme on Inscription by Prof. Manabendu Banerjee in this Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee, Ex=Principal, Womens College, Silchar was present.
9. 08/04/2013 Lecture programme on Sanskrit and Modern World Lecture delivered by Dr. Brindavan Bihari Das Kathyiababa, President, World Nimbarka Parisad.


Last meeting of the Alumni Association was held and reformed on 21st April, 2011.