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Departmental Profile

About the dept: The Tribal Studies Centre was established in the year 2010. Right from its inception, the Centre is engaged in quality research on different issues which are marginalized in traditional Tribal Studies discipline. The Centre organizes Seminars/Workshops/conferences frequently identifying different core issues related to tribes, in history and in the present time. It encourages interdisciplinary approaches to tribal studies.

Courses Offered

Courses offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure
PhD   As per available vacancies Course Work (Syllabus)


Name Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Dr. Suryasikha Pathak, Ph.D. Associate Professor Ethnography, Histories of marginalised communities, Gender and Religion pathak.tsc13@gmail.com
Mr Prafulla Kr. Nath, PhD. Assistant Professor Cultural Studies, Ethnicity & Nationalism khar1khuwa@gmail.com

Contact Us

Tribal Studies Centre
Assam University, Diphu Campus
Mobile phone: 9435118640, 9435978895
Email : pathak.tsc13@gmail.com / khar1khuwa@gmail.com