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Major Scientific Equipments

With the one time assistance from the UGC and the funds available from other agencies like DST, DAE and CSIR the various Science Departments have procured the following sate-of-the-art instruments :

Department of Physics

  • LCR Meter (HP 4263)
  • Meade computerised 16″  Telescope
  • FTIR Spectometer

Department of Chemistry

  • UV -VIS- Spectrometer
  • Polarizing Microscopy
  • Pyris 1 DSC System

Department of Ecology & Environmental Science

  • OXi Top BOD Determination System
  • Laser Leaf Area Meter
  • Anderson Sampler

Department of Life Science

  • Leica-Leitz Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope
  • CO2 Incubator
  • PCR System
  • Growth Chamber