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Students’ Discipline

Each student with respect to his/her work in the course (P.G./ U.G./ Integrated course/ M. Phil/Ph.D./Certificate/Diploma) as well as his/her general conduct in the University, shall remain under the control of the respective School and the Department and shall be guided by the disciplinary code of the University. The Proctor looks after the discipline amongst the students.

It is mandatory for the students to keep their respective photo identity card with them while moving within the university campus. There is complete ban on ragging in the campus as per order of the Supreme Court of India.

As per guidelines, ragging is strictly prohibited inside or outside the university campus. Each student will be required to submit one affidavit as per the format provided by the MHRD at the time of admission

If any incident of ragging or any other act of gross violation of discipline comes to notice of the authority, the concerned students will be given adequate opportunity to explain and if his / her explanation is not satisfactory he/she will be expelled from the University.

Also, there is one committee on violence against women and sexual harassment to combat the menace of violence and sexual harassment against women in the campus, if any, and another for looking after the maintenance of discipline and decorum among the students.